After 1 year and a half of waiting butterfly 2.0 is finally here!

butterfly screen cast

For those who don’t know butterfly is an open source in-browser nix terminal written in coffeescript (yeah I know, maybe I will port it to ES7 but you know… braces) and backed up by a python tornado server.


Its feature list keep on growing:

Give it a shot

It’s even easier to try it now, just:

    $ pip install butterfly
    $ pip install libsass  # If you want to use themes
    $ butterfly

A new tab should appear in your browser. Then type

    $ butterfly help

To get an overview of butterfly features.

For everyday use, it’s better to use a server see below.


Go to the github page for more informations, like setting up a server using systemd (I know I know) or why not contributing!

Take a look at existing themes at butterfly-themes and current demos showing the butterfly potential at butterfly-demos.


We are in 2015, we can finally display images and html in a terminal and use 16M colors, what a world we are living in.